Gem/Tay/Doe Fawn/She/They
Adult Introject
Valentine, Leon, Enid,
Jay, Heather, Grian

  HIIII THERE!!! i'm gem ^_^ i'm the host in my system!! i'm everyone's favorite lesbian deer girl who has a passion for love and making people happy!! i love making friends and getting to know people, and being around other people makes me incredibly happy and brings me a lot of fulfillment and joy! if you see me around don't be afraid to reach out and chat!!
  i'm a very passionate person, and i find enjoyment in a lot of things and get really excited to talk about the things i enjoy! i'm also an incredibly flexible and open minded person and love hearing about other people's interests too and getting into new things. sharing passions is incredibly sweet to me and i find that it's a huge show of love and trust!!!
  i'm an alter on the run, i'm supposed to be taking a break but i'm such a workaholic that i force my way out to front regularly and my system is actively trying to contain me like a rabid zoo animal. they're trying to slap the "IWEC" label on me but i keep dodging the allegations just barely!!!!!!! no one can contain me!!!!!!! except for maybe finch i think

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